San Diego YPAA Meetings

For a complete, up-to-date list of AA meetings based in the Greater San Diego area,
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Below are a few AA meetings that some of our committee members attend,
meetings that are oriented towards young people, or have a high attendance of young people.

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*Please note - all meetings listed here are in Pacific Standard Time.*
9:30pm, in-person - Every Nighters
5107 Waring Road.

10:00pm - GSDYPAA Just Some F*^%ing Online AA Meetings
Zoom Code: 670 312 8443
Password: 001935
Monday 12&12, Tuesday Topic, Wednesday Fireball, Thursday Step Study, Friday Big Book, Saturday Wildcard, Sunday Daily Reflection
8:00pm - Young People's Steps (Normal Heights)
Zoom Code: 884 7990 4239
Password: 926642

9:00pm, hybrid - Taco Tuesday Young Women's Book Study
Zoom Code: 114 473 961
Password: 088441
In-Person Address: 131 Richmar Ave, San Marcos, CA

9:00pm, hybrid - Young and Restless (San Marcos)
Zoom code: 778 131 986
Password: 048734
In-Person Address: 131 Richmar Ave, San Marcos, CA

7:00pm - Young, Dumb, and Full of Fun (College Area)
Zoom Code: 509 210 3502
Password: 12345

 in-person - Pacific Beach Young People's
1050 Thomas Avenue

7:00pm, in-person - Hip, Slick, and Sick Young People's
La Jolla United Methodist Church, 6063 La Jolla Blvd.

8:00pm, in-person - East County Young People's Rule 62
5940 Kelton Avenue, La Mesa